100% of funding ($1,975,000/year)
is from federal sources.

Project Evaluation

The statewide evaluation of the Illinois SPDG is conducted under a contract that the Illinois State Board of Education awarded to Illinois State University (ISU) in October 2011. The evaluation design is directly connected to four levels of performance supported through the professional development delivered by the Illinois SPDG projects: 1) implementation,
2) fidelity, 3) sustainability, and 4) impact on outcomes.  Therefore, evaluation efforts focus on addressing the following questions, which serve as the framework for determining the effectiveness of the processes being evaluated.

Evaluation Question 1:  If people are trained, do they implement?

Evaluation Question 2:  If people implement, do they implement with fidelity?

Evaluation Question 3:  If people implement with fidelity, do they sustain the practice(s)?

Evaluation Question 4:  If people sustain the practice(s), what is the impact on student outcomes?