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Nancy Mundschenk

Nancy Mundschenk
Co-Coordinator & TAC at SIUC

Nancy Mundschenk, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  Dr. Mundschenk is Co-Coordinator of the Illinois IHE Partnership project and serves as the Technical Assistance Coordinator for Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  She serves as a member of the PBIS Statewide Leadership Team.  In addition, she coordinates a core course at SIUC designed to prepare elementary and secondary education
pre-service teachers to work with students with disabilities in general education settings.

Dr. Mundschenk provides ongoing staff development and consultation to schools, teachers, and administrators throughout Illinois.  She has served as a Regional Coordinator for Illinois ASPIRE South, where she coordinated and delivered training and technical assistance for school districts in the application of RtI /MTSS.  Dr. Mundschenk conducts research and professional development activities in the areas of positive behavioral interventions, development of social competence, parent/family participation, data-based decision making, functional behavioral assessment, and RtI/MTSS.