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Networking Meetings

During each school year, the I-RtI Network staff conducts bi-monthly, area-based Networking Meetings that are designed to provide consistent, high quality professional development in the application of RtI/MTSS principles to all aspects of district and school improvement.  With a target audience consisting of teams of staff and administrators who are supporting implementation of RtI/MTSS at the building and district levels, the meetings are a combination of training, technical assistance, and opportunities for cross-team networking.

The topic and practices addressed in the Networking Meetings are aligned to the I-RtI Network's professional development scope and sequence, with essential learning outcomes identified for each session.  Further, to ensure consistency of trained practices across Networking Meeting sites, the same presentation content and materials are utilized in all locations.

The main topic for the 2013-2014 Networking Meetings is “Professional Practices in RtI Implementation,” with different practices covered in each of the months.  See the calendar of events for dates, locations, and registration information.  A printable schedule of 2013-2014 Networking Meetings is also available.


Networking Meeting Materials: