100% of funding ($1,975,000/year)
is from federal sources.

Implementing & Sustaining RtI/MTSS

Successfully implemeting and sustaining RtI/MTSS requires a focus on improving student outcomes and the commitment and involvement of all stakeholders, including district leadership, school administrators, educators, parents, and community members. 

District and building administrators provide guidance and support for a new model or framework and increase the likelihood of district- and school -wide implementation. Therefore, comprehensive commitment and leadership at both the district and building level are critical for successful and sustained RtI/MTSS implementation.

Successful implementation of RtI/MTSS also involves educators collaborating to provide high quality instruction for ALL students that is guided by data-based decisions. Establishing an infrastructure to allow for effective teaming and collaboration using a problem solving process is a key component for successful implementation.

Parents are important partners in this process as well.  Evidence shows that when parents and family members are involved in a child’s education, the outcomes are positive:  higher test scores, increased attendance, better behavior and social skills, higher rate of graduation, and increased drive to pursue post-secondary education.

More content on implementation and sustainability coming soon!