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Terry Schuster

Terry Schuster
Area 2 - AWIL

Terry Schuster is the AWIL for Area 2 of the I-RtI Network.  He spent 34 years as a school psychologist in north central Illinois within rural Co-op settings and was involved in activities with Illinois ASPIRE and the RtI Partnership before becoming part of the I-RtI Network. He has a particular interest in student engagement as a necessary component for schools to consider within core curriculum and interventions, in addition to academic and behavior issues.

Terry believes that effective teaming processes and adherence to systematic problem solving processes offer great opportunities to improve fidelity and decision-making. He has seen the problem solving process applied not only to the performance of students, but by district and building leadership teams who effectively use it to review the performance of whole school systems (policies, practices, procedures).

At a personal level, Terry enjoys bicycling, snowshoeing, and gardening.