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is from federal sources.

Julie West

Julie West
Statewide Administrator

Julie West is the Statewide Administrator for the I-RtI Network. She oversees the project and Network staff as they plan and provide research-based professional development consisting of training, coaching, and technical assistance to participating districts.

Julie comes to the Network from the Rockford Public School District, where she worked for 19 years. During her tenure with the district, she was a special education coordinator, school principal, Director of RtI, and Director of Improvement. In her two latter positions, she was the primary contact for the district’s participation in the I-RtI Network.

In addition to leading and implementing RtI/MTSS in Rockford, Julie has first-hand experience with PBIS, SSoS, and parent engagement/partnerships. She also has knowledge of statewide technical assistance projects through two years as a consultant for Project CHOICES, as well as classroom experience as both a general and special education teacher.