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David Bell

David  Bell
Area 1 - Area Wide Instructional Leader (AWIL)

David Lamont Bell, Ed.D. is an AWIL for the I-RtI Network and an Associate Professor in the School of Education at Saint Xavier University Chicago. He has supported public and private schools and districts as they implement a RtI framework. He has served as the Regional Evaluator for Chicago Public Schools assessing the impact of RtI/ School Based Problem Solving on various outcomes. He has co-authored two professional programs/books, one entitled “Transforming Schools: A resource for PreK-12 schools to facilitate school diversity transformation” supporting schools and districts as they create an inclusive environment sensitive to the diverse needs of students. His recent publication include:  Transforming literacy instruction in urban settings: Combining professional development and instructional coaching to improve student achievement (2012), A mentoring process to support teachers’ growth and retention (2008). Dr. Bell is completing a 3-year grant project that is seeking to understand “The Impact of Customized Professional Development and Instructional Coaching on Teachers’ Pedagogical and Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching.