100% of funding ($1,975,000/year)
is from federal sources.

I-RtI Network Resources & Links

Illinois Resources & Links

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) - http://www.isbe.net/RtI_plan/default.htm
The ISBE website includes a section on RtI.

Illinois Statewide Technical Assistance Center (ISTAC)
Funded by ISBE, ISTAC is an integrated system of technical assistance for families and school districts. Each ISTAC project uses a coaching and support network model, focusing on building the capacity of districts through the implementation of evidence-based practices, utilizing data collection and analysis in support of data-based decision making.  The I-RtI Network collaborates and partners with ISTAC in working with school districts, and this primarily involves the following three ISTAC projects:

  • Illinois Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) Network (http://www.pbisillinois.org/), which builds capacity of schools, families, and communities to promote social and academic success of all students, including those with emotional/behavioral and other disabilities.  
  • Project CHOICES (http://www.projectchoices.org), which is a least restrictive environment (LRE) initiative that partners with school districts in an integrated systems approach to provide access and equity for all students through general education. 
  • Illinois Parent & Educator Partnership (http://www.pepartnership.org/), which advances ISBE's priority to improve the delivery of training, technical assistance, and coaching for parents of school-age children and for educators. 

Illinois School Psychologists Association (ISPA) - http://www.ilispa.org/ 
Houses an extensive RtI Resources section.

National Resources & Links

Center on Instruction - http://centeroninstruction.org/ 
Provides a collection of scientifically based research and information on K-12 instruction in reading, math, science, special education and English language learning.

Florida Center for Reading Research - http://www.fcrr.org/ 
Offers hundreds of reading materials to use in the classroom linked to the 5 big areas of reading (phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency) and much more.

Center for Research on Learning at University of Kansas - http://www.kucrl.org/ 
Provides information on SIM (Strategic Instruction Model) and the work of the Center for Research on Learning.

RtI Wire - http://www.jimwrightonline.com/php/rti/rti_wire.php 
Hosted by Jim Wright, this website provides a variety of Internet resources on RtI.

National Center for Learning Disabilities - http://www.ncld.org 
Contains a section called RtI Talks, where participants can watch and listen to a live discussion led by various RtI experts.

RTI Action Network - http://www.rtinetwork.org/ 
The RTI Action Network is dedicated to the effective implementation of RtI in school districts nationwide.  Their website offers helpful information and resources combined with networking access to top leaders in the field.

National Center for Student Progress Monitoring - http://www.studentprogress.org/ 
This site provides a review of tools to be used for student progress monitoring.

AIMSweb - http://aimsweb.com/ 
AIMSweb is a scientifically based, formative assessment system that "informs" the teaching and learning process by providing continuous student performance data and reporting improvement to parents and those in education.

Intervention Central - http://www.interventioncentral.org  
Contains downloadable student materials, CBM measurements, behavior suggestions, and much more.

What Works Clearinghouse - http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/ 
Provides a review of the effectiveness of educational interventions. It is a good source for identifying research-based interventions for academic and behavioral difficulties.

Mark Shinn Home Page - http://markshinn.org/Mark_Shinn/Homepage.html 
Contains a wealth of downloadable information connected to RtI/MTSS.

National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NASDSE) - http://www.nasdse.org/ 
Contains downloadable resources on RtI/MTSS, including RtI Blueprints for Implementation at the school and district levels.

Safe and Civil Schools - http://www.safeandcivilschools.com/ 
Provides a source of supports for making your school safer.

CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Economic Learning) - http://casel.org 
Provides information regarding the science and evidence based practice of social and emotional learning (SEL).

RTI Video and Podcasts - http://rtinetwork.org/professional/videos/podcasts?utm_source=newsletter_march_19_2014 
Video by Colleen Riley, NASDSE Past President and Kansas Director for the Early Childhood, Special Education and Title Services Team.