100% of funding ($1,975,000/year)
is from federal sources.

I-RtI Network Governing Board

The Illinois State Board of Education established a Governing Board to continually inform and improve the implementation of the I-RtI Network. The Governing Board meets at least three times per year to review and provide input on the I-RtI Network's professsional development scope and sequence and review project evaluation data in order to make informed decisions about continual improvement to the Network structure and services.

As shown in the list below, the Governing Board consists of members from all areas of the state and a variety of stakeholder groups. This configuration helps ensure that the I-RtI Network receives input from multiple perspectives.

Public School District Representatives

Guy Gradert
Ridgeview CUSD 19

Vacancy - Southern Illinois

Special Education Administrator

Judy Hackett, Ed.D.
North Suburban Special Education Organization

Jill Keller-Weems
Director of Special Education
Southeastern Special Education Program

Regional Office of Education Representatives

Tammy Muerhoff
Regional Superintendent
Rock Island ROE 49

Gail Owen
Regional Superintendent
Tazewell ROE 53

Susan Sarfaty
Regional Superintendent
St. Clair ROE 50

Institutes of Higher Education Representative

Vacancy-Higher Education Representative

Parent Representatives

Vacancy-Parent Representative

Merle Siefken, Project Director
Illinois Parent and Educator Partnership
Naperville, IL