100% of funding ($1,975,000/year)
is from federal sources.

Adaptive School Training (SOUTH)

Event Date: 2015-03-18 (All Day Event)
Event Category: I-Rtl Network

The Adaptive Schools Foundation Seminar is the “how” of professional learning communities: how to participate in groups, how to lead, and how to facilitate for improved leading, teaching, and learning.

Participants will:

  • Be presented with a productive, practical set of ideas and tools for developing collaborative groups in becoming effective and better  equipped to resolve complex issues around student learning.
  • Learn how to develop the resources and capacities of the organization and of individuals to cohesively respond to the changing needs of students and society. Explore what makes teams effective, and how  to develop skills as facilitators and informed group members in informal and formal settings, in small and large groups.

Go beyond the idea of professional learning communities to the actual   implementation, describing specific ways to weave the collaborative fabric of a faculty, develop group member skills, and acquire the principles and understandings to engage in a continuous cycle of team and individual improvement.


This is a four day training (January 21 & 22 and March 18 & 19). You must attend all four days. Space is limited, please register early!

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