100% of funding ($1,975,000/year)
is from federal sources.

Interactive Map

Place your cursor over an area to see more details about the I-RtI Network & Illinois IHE Partnership staff within each area. 

Areas 1B/ISCs & 1C - David Bell, I-RtI Network AWIL
West 40 ISC #2
4413 West Roosevelt Road, Suite 104
Hillside, IL 60162
PH: (708) 449-4284
Lead Coaches -- I-RtI Network
Kelly Broxterman, Sue Gallagher, Patricia Graczyk, Katey Groya, Candice Hartranft, Madi Phillips & Stacey Weber
IHE Partners -- IL IHE Partnership
Chicago State - Cathryn Busch, TAC
Loyola Chicago - Diane Morrison, TAC
Area 2 - Ruth Poage-Gaines, I-RtI Network AWIL
Area 3 - Kim Spiker, I-RtI Network AWIL
Area 4 - TBD, I-RtI Network AWIL
Area 5 - Melissa Hannasch, I-RtI Network AWIL
Area 6 - Pamela Walden, I-RtI Network AWIL